Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do I Have The Time?

I love to read blogs.  I signed up for blogger wanting to do it myself, but alas...time is my enemy.  This does appear to be an awesome way for my family to keep up with us though!  So, I'll give it a go.  My life is so full!  I've got a fabulous Mister that I met the first month I moved to Alaska (he's holding my furry baby heeler, Sprite):
And six years later, I have the most wonderful mini-me!  This is my Claire-bear.  Isn't she just the most precious thing?!  She joined us in September and it's been like a roller coaster ride since!
These furry beasts here are Bella and Sprite today.  They are some seriously unruly heelers.  Bella flat out failed puppy school.  I'm pretty sure Sprite just got her certificate so we wouldn't bring her back.  We had a dog "behaviorist" come this week to train us.  She made it look so easy.  I tried it yesterday...had to give myself a fail card.  Dang dogs.
I had iLasix Friday.  I've got to sit around the house for the next week.  I can't have any wine or caffeine (that is a true travesty).  I can't exercise (that won't be a problem).  And I told Matty I couldn't clean...that was just for me but he doesn't know that.  :)  I've got to wear these awful sunglasses all day long for a week indoors and out!  I'm going to look like a total wierdo at work Monday fo sho!
Gotta go!  Claire's crying!

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